Part of what I do is document another surface and sort of translate it. They’re like translations, and then part of it is fiction, which is invention.
- Vija Celmins

Most of the pleasure is in getting the last little piece perfect.
- Chuck Close

In the spring, the grass grows by itself.
- Bhagwan Rajneesh

My paintings are meticulous renderings of natural forms. Lately, live plants have appeared in the work and contrast with objects that have been marked by the elements. This exposure to weather creates color and texture on surfaces that, over time, become increasingly subtle. 

My brand of painterly realism was influenced by the scientific observation of Constable's meteorological studies, as well as Durer’s obsessively detailed portrayal of nature. There is also a patterning that comes from more contemporary painters, such as Chuck Close and Neil Welliver.

Bernard Berenson wrote that the tactile quality gives images life. This implied sense of touch results from painting the constant and minute changes on the object’s surface, and creates excitement as the 2D is rendered to give a 3D illusion.

These ordinary forms are reordered in order to (hopefully) depict a more perfect abstract world. These "improvements"are intended to go unnoticed and to give the finished composition a sense of completeness.