Even an abstract form has to have a likeness.
-Willem de Kooning

Most of the pleasure is in getting the last little piece perfect.
- Chuck Close

In the spring, the grass grows by itself.
- Bhagwan Rajneesh


My paintings are about the changes time brings to all things, and time's power to transform even the most resistant of objects. My recent work depicts rock formations, and the subtlety of the forms, textures, and color in these surfaces reflect nature's millions of years of continuous sculpting.

Painting these forms allows me to change their appearance in order to create a perfect abstract world. I aim to give the finished composition a perfect sense of completeness.

My brand of painterly realism was influenced by the scientific observation of Constable's meteorological studies and the obsessive patterning of more contemporary painters, such as Chuck Close and Neil Welliver. This attention to detail in nature is counterbalanced by an implied abstraction. By eliminating the horizon, the viewer is made to consider the abstract quality of the patterns, and a tension develops between concrete details and the abstract.

The art historian, Bernard Berenson, wrote that it is an image's tactile quality that gives it life.  
I hope these paintings derive power from an implied sense of touch.  The tactile results from painting the constant and minute changes of the objects' surface and, hopefully, creates excitement as the 2D is rendered to give a 3D illusion.